Kirk F. White and his mascot Leonard in his tent at Hershey. This beautiful, crazy, beloved man, father of five, author of, former owner and campaigner of the Penske/White Sunoco Ferrari 512M and the Cannonball Ferrari Daytona, hot rodder extraordinaire, passed away peacefully on March 20. His generous nature, his love of automobile lore and of all of those who shared it with him will be missed terribly.  The memory of all those wonderful times will live on in his online blog and in the future book.  You all made his life special, with the best memories, and we thank you for that.

One of Kirk’s cherished friends has written: “Kirk has always been my pole star in living a life based on the notion that it’s inevitable that we grow older, but that doesn’t mean that we have to grow up.”   That perfectly describes our Kirk.

Our love:  Marilyn, Mandy, Libby, Geoffey, Chris, Trip and Caroline.

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