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"Don't Wash Mine"  Published chapters are listed in the table of contents.
" Here at Last . . .
Chapter 33"

Production and design of the book Don't Wash Mine are being accomplished by the highly recognized author and editor of the Ferrari magazine, Prancing Horse, David Williams, with the work to be completed in the coming year, 2020.  The book will be more expansive than the online version, with a good many more photographs, and the Newsletters.

We are excited to have reached this point.  In the meantime, Chapter 36 will be online shortly.  It will be the final "online" chapter at www.dontwashmine.com.  You  won't be completely free though.  As additional soul stirring nuggets pop up, I will be passing them along. 

In Chapter 36 there are two great stories about the very
car pictured below.

    Hang on tightly, we're almost there!      
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